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BCC-Rock ! Big Cactus Classic Rock

Listen to BCC-ROCK ! A Brand New Web Radio !! Big Cactus Classic Rock Radio = the best mix of Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, AOR Melodic Rock, Rock FM West Coast, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock ! Available on your smartphone or Iphone via "Tunemark App"  Join us on facebook (link below)

Heavy Metal And Hard Rock News

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Aug 30, 2016 | 00:25 am

    Ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has praised the group's new song and has hinted at reconnecting with his former bandmates on a future project.METALLICA earlier in the month released the track "Hardwired", the first single from the group's upcoming tenth studio album, "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct", which will be made available on November 18 via Blackened Recordings.Asked during an appearance on the August 29 edition of the SiriusXM satellite radio show "Eddie Trunk Live" if he has heard "Hardwired", Newsted said: "I can't believe how wicked it is. I heard it a couple of times. Somebody played it for me in a car, and I brought it home and listened to it a little bit. I like its nature. I like its teeth, man. It's great."Newsted also confirmed that he is still in regular contact with the members of METALLICA. He said: "I've got a call with Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] coming up on Thursday here. I've been talking to him every couple of weeks. As they're coming out with their new record, there's a lot of stuff going on within the underpinnings of it all, or whatever you wanna call it, so we always are in touch. And now we've actually been doing voice-to-voice, which is nice, and I'm hoping to be able to get person-to-person before long. But they do have quite a bit to do here with this new record. So I'm excited for 'em, man. I'm proud of 'em."Asked if he is still in touch with METALLICA simply as friends or if it's related to "business stuff" or if they are talking about possibly doing something together again, Newsted responded: "All those three." Jason, however, would not elaborate on the exact form a possible new collaboration with METALLICA would take.Jason left METALLICA back in 2001but was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, along with Ulrich, guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield, guitarist Kirk Hammett, and the man who replaced him, bassist Robert Trujillo, in 2009.Newsted's latest endeavor is a pair of acoustic groups, including the CHOPHOUSE BAND (named after his four recording studio facilities around the U.S. and featuring a fluid roster of players), which has several shows scheduled in early September.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Aug 29, 2016 | 23:22 pm

    Fight+Music conducted an interview with DISTURBED frontman David Draiman at this year's Heavy Montreal festival, which was held August 6-7 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can now watch the chat below.Speaking about DISTURBED's comeback after going on a four-year hiatus in 2011, Draiman said: "It's been amazing. The fire has been stoked. We're performing at a level that I personally believe is unprecedented in our careers. The crowds have been amazing, huge. We've really been overwhelmed throughout the duration of this cycle with the amount of success that we've seen. We're very, very grateful."DISTURBED version of "The Sound Of Silence" has been a huge hit for the band, with Paul Simon sharing his approval of it publicly after watching the band perform the song on "Conan" and also exchanging e-mails with singer David Draiman.DISTURBED's record label, Warner Bros., credited the song's popularity to the video for "Silence", which was released in December 2015. To date, the clip has been seen more than 95 million times, a record number of views on YouTube for the group."The Sound Of Silence" is taken from DISTURBED's sixth studio album, "Immortalized", which was released in August 2015.The effort became the band's fifth LP in a row to enter the chart at No. 1 — a feat shared only with METALLICA and DAVE MATTHEWS BAND.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Aug 29, 2016 | 21:11 pm

    NIGHTWISH and WINTERSUN drummer Kai Hahto took part in a drum clinic in his hometown of Vaasa, Finland on August 11 as a part of the Taiteiden Yö event. You can now watch video footage of the session below.As previously reported, NIGHTWISH was rejoined by drummer Jukka Nevalainen during the band's unofficial 20th-anniversary concert at Himos Park in Jämsä, Finland.Nevalainen announced in August 2014 that he was taking a break from his duties as NIGHTWISH's drummer in order to deal with his health issues. He explained at the time that he had "suffered for a number of years from occasional but very difficult insomnia, something that has been my unwanted companion during many of our tours, too. I've done my best to try to control it or at least to cope with it. Still, we don't even really know why we need sleep, so unfortunately there's not much information available on why some of us suffer from sleeplessness. There is no 100% cure for the problem."He added: "It has become evident for me that due to my insomnia, I can't fulfill my duties as a musician in the way that I'd want and with the precision that the music deserves. Thus I have decided to step aside from my duties as the drummer of NIGHTWISH. I will still be involved in managing the day-to-day affairs of the band, but the dearest and the most important thing, playing, is, for the time being, not possible. Time will tell what the future holds."Hahto played drums on NIGHTWISH's latest album, 2015's "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", and subsequent tour.NIGHTWISH will release "Vehicle Of Spirit" on November 4. The DVD will feature the band's performance from London's Wembley Arena in the U.K., along with their show at Tampere, Finland's Ratina Stadion.


AOR Melodic Rock News

  • News Feed Aug 30, 2016 | 04:16 am

    Lion's Pride Music Announces WILD SOULS New Album

    Lion's Pride Music are proud to present you Wild Souls front cover, release info and video sampler of their upcoming album "Game Of Love" out 31 October 2016.

    Tracklist: 1. Game Of Love, 2. Dirty Mind, 3. Shame On You, 4. Pretty Babe, 5. Riding, 6. Rock My World, 7. Moonlight, 8. One More Night, 9. I Need Your Love

    Wild Souls info:
    Founded back in July 2010, by the guitarist Kostis Tsiligiris, Wild Souls formed their basic member line-up a year later with George Nikolaou as a leading vocalist and followed by Dimitris Mazarakis on the keyboards. With Tasos Karapapazoglou (Bass) and Nikos Tsiligoudis (Drums) they recorded and released their first single entitled “Broken heart”, in September 2011.

  • News Feed Aug 25, 2016 | 12:59 pm

    BOBBY KIMBALL Is 'Not in Kansas Anymore' With New Solo Album

    Former Toto vocalist BOBBY KIMBALL is finally set to release his new solo album 'We're Not In Kansas Anymore' in Japan on November 9.
    In Bobby's own words: "To all of my Friends. I wanted to let you all know that my Solo CD is going to be released in Japan on November 6th. I can't wait for you to hear this CD. When I listen to it, I like it so very much. It was totally fun to record it, and the Mastering job is going so well. I hope you will like this CD too, so I wish you all the very best life you can possibly live.......Bobby"

  • News Feed Aug 23, 2016 | 13:49 pm

    NARNIA Releases Second Single & Video 'Messengers'

    Narnia is back and Reaching For The Top! Here comes the 2nd single/video MESSENGERS.
    This time an animated video produced by Russian artist Anatoly Kuris. The new single MESSENGERS has a cool mix in metal where the past meets the future in a cool combination and the video by Anatoly Kuris match the song perfect. Celebrating 20 years as NARNIA, they are ready to take on the world and start touring and release the new album worldwide September 16, 2016.