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Listen to BCC-ROCK ! A Brand New Web Radio !! Big Cactus Classic Rock Radio = the best mix of Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, AOR Melodic Rock, Rock FM West Coast, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock ! Available on your smartphone or Iphone via "Tunemark App"  Join us on facebook (link below)

Heavy Metal And Hard Rock News

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Dec 10, 2016 | 04:59 am

    WOLF HOFFMANN Hopes To Release Next ACCEPT Album In July Or August German/American metallers ACCEPT are continuing work on their new album with British producer Andy Sneap for a tentative summer 2017 release via Nuclear Blast. Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann told Metal Shock Finland's Alison Booth about the progress of the disc's recording sessions: "This is the fourth time in a row with the same producer. It's a world record for ACCEPT, for sure. We have no reason to even think about [using] anybody else, because every time [Andy and we] work together, it turns out fantastic. We love what the final result is and we have a great working relationship, so why change it if it works, right?"Asked about the musical direction of the new ACCEPT material, Wolf said: "There's not a whole lot to say quite yet, because we're in the middle of it. The only thing I can tell you is that it feels as ACCEPT as ever. It feels maybe a slightly bit heavier for now, but, you know, these things are always hard to say while you're in the middle of it. You never really know until after the album's been released and a little time went by; then you can have an objective idea about the album."He continued: "Man, it's gonna sound like ACCEPT as always. There's not gonna be any weird surprises — we're not gonna go soft, we're not gonna go jazz, there's no left or right [turns musically]. We're really just trying to get better at what we already do."Hoffmann also talked about a possible release date for the new ACCEPT effort. "We're trying our best to get it done in time for next year, July or August release," he said. "The idea is we're gonna finish this three-month run with SABATON [in Europe] and then jump right back into the studio, finish the stuff. We've got a bunch of basic tracks done, a lot of vocals are done, so we're looking pretty good at this point."ACCEPT vocalist Mark Tornillo echoed Hoffmann's comments while discussing the band's songwriting approach in a 2014 interview. He said: "We're not searching for a direction at this point. We're writing to please ourselves and to please our fans… We're not changing horses in the middle of a stream. I mean, if something works for us, we're gonna stick with it. We're certainly not gonna change direction, but I think we're not afraid to step out a little bit. We're also not afraid to go back and be what the band was in the '80s, which is what we've really strived for."Asked why it's so important for ACCEPT to still make new music after all this time, Wolf told Canadian rock journalist Mitch Lafon: "For us, it was very important, especially since we got [singer] Mark [Tornillo], and when we had our reunion with Mark, the new singer, we really wanted to show to the fans and to us that we still can write relevant new songs, and so that's why we really did three albums in five or six years — really banged them out, one after the other. And those three albums are, in a lot of fans' views, as strong as most of the stuff we've done in the eighties, if not stronger. So I think it's very important for us to come up with new songs, 'cause, you know, once you stop trying, or you're just living on the past, I think that's no good. We're trying to stay relevant, and the fans really appreciate that."ACCEPT will release a new live set titled "Restless And Live" on January 13, 2017 via Nuclear Blast. This package will include the entire show ACCEPT played at 2015's Bang Your Head!!! festival in Balingen, Germany on Blu-ray/DVD plus two CDs.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Dec 10, 2016 | 04:12 am

    BLOODCLOT Feat. CRO-MAGS, Ex-DANZIG Members: Lyric Video For 'Up In Arms' Title Track "Up In Arms", the new lyric video from the hardcore punk unit BLOODCLOT, can be seen below. The song is the title track of the band's new album, which will be released in the spring via Metal Blade Records.BLOODCLOT is a project featuring true hardcore pioneers: John Joseph of the CRO-MAGS, plus former members of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (Joey Castillo, drums; Nick Oliveri, bass), and DANZIG (Todd Youth, guitar).Says Joseph: "'Up in Arms' is a call to arms for the people of America and across the globe who are sick of the lies, death and destruction of innocent people being caused by the military industrial complex who run governments and propagate unjust wars in order to fill the bank accounts of corrupt businessmen."Adds Youth: "If you take a look at what is going on right now in the world, corrupt politicians, war, famine, destruction of the planet by the animal agriculture industry — things have got to change before it's too late. Musically I wanted to write something that gave me the feeling I had the first time that I heard DISCHARGE, MOTÖRHEAD or the BAD BRAINS — a relentless wall of sound that makes you think!!"In addition to being the leader of one of the most influential hardcore bands of all time — the CRO-MAGSJoseph is an author, an outspoken advocate of plant-based nutrition, and a competitive Ironman tri-athlete. Youth — who played in AGNOSTIC FRONT at the age of 12 — has played guitar with a myriad of artists, including DANZIG, Glen Campbell, MOTÖRHEAD, Ace Frehley, and many more. Additionally, Nick Oliveri has played bass in QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, alongside one of the most sought-after drummers in the scene, Joey Castillo — who has also sat behind the kit for DANZIG and EAGLES OF DEATH METAL.These four renowned musicians came together when CRO-MAGS guitarist AJ Novello was unable to play a show, and John Joseph called Todd Youth to fill in for him. The two rekindled their friendship and enjoyed playing together so much that a decision was made to reform BLOODCLOT (whose origins date back to a 1981 BAD BRAINS tour). Todd began the songwriting process, and soon after, Joey Castillo and Nick Oliveri were recruited to join the band. With the new lineup in place, and songs to record, Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel offered BLOODCLOT a worldwide deal.In regards to the signing, Slagel comments: "Super excited to be working with these legends! The material is fresh and what you would expect from such an amazing group! Thanks to Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Kitchen for his help on this too!"Michael Alago — a former record label A&R executive and talent scout for over 24 years — also helped facilitate this new partnership, as BLOODCLOT's manager. Having earned the respect of the industry for his expertise in a wide variety of musical genres, Alago was responsible for signing METALLICA, WHITE ZOMBIE, Alan Vega, Johnny Rotten (with his band PUBLIC IMAGE, LTD.), Cyndi Lauper, Nina Simone (for whom he also acted as executive producer on the acclaimed album "A Single Woman"), among many other artists.BLOODCLOT is:John Joseph (CRO-MAGS) - VocalsTodd Youth (ex-DANZIG) - GuitarsNick Oliveri (ex-QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) - BassJoey Castillo (ex-QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, ex-DANZIG) - DrumsPhoto credit: Wass Photography, Dustin Jack Photography, Lloyd Nickell, Tony Virgadamo

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Dec 10, 2016 | 03:58 am

    DEMON HUNTER has released "Cold Winter Sun", the first new song from the band's forthcoming studio album, "Outlive". The official lyric video for the track, which is now available digitally, can be seen below."After the longest wait between DEMON HUNTER albums ever, we are so proud to share the first full song from our brand new album" says frontman Ryan Clark. "It feels amazing to finally unleash a piece of this album to the world."DEMON HUNTER has entered into a new partnership with Solid State Records for the retail, online, and radio release of "Outlive", renewing a bond that began with the release of the band's self-titled debut album in 2002 and has persisted through seven full-length releases, a live album, and an extensive documentary film release."Extremist", the band's most recent album, enjoyed a Top 20 debut on The Billboard 200 in 2014. "The Last One Alive", "Artificial Light" and "I Will Fail You" received an amount of airplay unprecedented in the band's storied career, a legacy that has seen the group sell over 600,000 albums in North America.Like the album before it, "Outlive" was produced and engineered by DEMON HUNTER guitarist Jeremiah Scott (LIVING SACRIFICE, THE SHOWDOWN) with additional production by the group's longtime collaborator Aaron Sprinkle (ANBERLIN, NEW FOUND GLORY). "Outlive" was mixed by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (ROB ZOMBIE, HATEBREED, QUEENSRŸCHE)."'Cold Winter Sun' is a perfect example of where we're at today, maintaining an element of classic DEMON HUNTER, but not so much as to be resting on our laurels," Clark explains. "It's always been my desire to pull a healthy amount of inspiration from our past, but to also incorporate enough forward progression to keep things interesting."DEMON HUNTER formed in Seattle in 2001. The lineup features Clark alongside cofounder Jonathan Dunn (bass), drummer Tim "Yogi" Watts (drums, since 2004), lead guitarist Patrick Judge (since 2008) and guitarist Scott (since 2011). Clark remains the primary songwriter, with increasing contributions from Judge."Patrick's contributions to 'Outlive' unveil an exciting new path for the future of the band," promises the frontman. "He wrote the music for 'Cold Winter Sun' and it's absolutely one of my favorites from the record."DEMON HUNTER's dedicated supporters wear the group's symbol and lyrics on their shirts, vests, backpacks, and in many cases, on their skin. Based in both Seattle and Nashville, the group embraces brazenly transcendent melodies, without apology, while maintaining a defiant heaviness reminiscent of the most timeless of metal.A regular attraction at festivals, in theaters, and clubs, DEMON HUNTER has visited Europe, Australia, and South America, while touring North America several times. They were a headlining act on "Scream The Prayer", co-headlined with the band RED, played as direct support to IN FLAMES and introduced their fans to bands like AUGUST BURNS RED and HASTE THE DAY, who they took on tour with them early in their career. Put simply, DEMON HUNTER is an American metal institution."Outlive" is expected in March 2017.


AOR Melodic Rock News

  • News Feed Dec 9, 2016 | 03:20 am

    THEOCRACY - Ghost Ship (Showcase)

    The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will release their new album "Ghost Ship" on October 28th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records. Information on different editions and formats will be announced soon.

  • News Feed Dec 9, 2016 | 03:09 am

    ENBOUND - The Blackened Heart (Showcase)

    While fans wait for a new Work Of Art album; here's something very cool to check out - this is a great album!
    The Swedish melodic metal band ENBOUND just released their new album "The Blackened Heart" in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings and in Japan through Bickee Music.

    The song "Get Ready For" can be streamed at YouTube:


    ENBOUND is:
    Lee Hunter [Lars Säfsund - Work of Art] - Vocals
    Swede - Bass
    Marvin Flowberg - Guitars
    Mike Cameron Force [ex. Zonata] - Drums

  • News Feed Dec 9, 2016 | 02:23 am

    AOR Heaven Announces Jauary Titles - JIM JIDHED & SWEET MARY JANE

    AOR Heaven will issue albums from Alien singer JIM JIDHED and Swedish Melodic Rock band SWEET MARY JANE on january 27.

    Jim Jidhed - “Push On Through”