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BCCRock Radio Show Best AOR Albums of 2016

This year it was too hard to count the TOP 20 so here is The BCC Rock Radio show TOP 26 

2016's Best AOR Melodic Rock albums !

The BCC Rock radio show is broadcasted every week on 80 french speaking radios and on BCC Rock Radio 

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Here is The BCC Rock Radio show TOP 10 Best Southern Rock - Blues Rock album of 2016

The BCC Rock radio show is broadcasted every week on 80 french speaking radios and on BCC Rock Radio 

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Heavy Metal And Hard Rock News

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET May 27, 2017 | 13:42 pm

    ICED EARTH Mainman Says New Album 'Incorruptible' Is 'Headed To Be A Classic' Lilo of HeadBangers LifeStyle recently conducted an interview with ICED EARTH guitarist Jon Schaffer. You can view the entire interview below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).On ICED EARTH's forthcoming album, "Incorruptible":Jon: "It's a really important milestone, because we've just completed our contract, so this is our last record under kind of the old model of the way the record business was done. I'm very proud of everything the band [has done]. Everybody executed their parts killer and I think the songs are great. Obviously, in my mind, I feel like it's headed to be a classic, but the fans always decide that, not me."On whether ICED EARTH has any interest in releasing their own craft beer:Jon: "No, not really. I mean, that doesn't mean it's off the table, but when people start doing it too much, then I think it's a little bit trendy. You go make a deal with a brewery, you put your label on it and that's how it works. But… I don't know…I don't think we're gonna do that, but who knows? I'd probably be more into doing a really cool single barrel of whiskey of some sort rather than beer."On the importance of coming up with new ways to promote and market your band:Jon: "It's different, the way music is consumed [nowadays]. You have to get creative, for sure. I think it might end up being cyclical. I'm not sure that it's always gonna be that way. I think this is the result of a generation growing up with things a certain way. My 12-year-old daughter wanted a record player for her birthday a few months ago, so I was, like, 'Hell yes!' It's not that I think that vinyl is gonna come back and save the business as it was, but I feel like what's happening with the business for an established band is actually a good thing, because we're gonna be able to be in more control and we're not gonna have to live under the old structure anymore. It's sort of like the Wild West. There's a lot of opportunity and a lot of people are afraid of it, and I get that, 'cause change is always a little bit scary for people. But I look at it with optimism."On his "fighter's mentality":Jon: "The very existence of the band is a fight. Many of those fights through all the years, various roadblocks come your way and you either quit or plow through it or maybe detour around it, which is a little bit more peaceful sometimes. It's a battle. That's why when people say they wanna get into this, a lot of people don't really know what they're getting into. It's way more than the illusion or the idealism that goes with, 'Oh, I'd love to be in a band and go on tour,' and all that. That's cool, but there's a lot of other stuff that happens behind the scenes that people aren't really aware of."On what has kept ICED EARTH going all these years:Jon: "I think, for one thing, the crafting of the songs, which is the whole reason that I started all this anyway. That desire to be able to channel the energy the right way that you can really move somebody and have a great effect on their life and get them through some difficult times. That's a goal, but it's a way for me to… it's therapy somehow a lot of times. I don't know exactly how it works, but it's something that's a big deal for me. And it's far more important than the rock-star bullshit. It's the songs — that's what really matters, in my opinion. Also, I like a good challenge. So if somebody tells me I can't do something, then I'm gonna work that much harder to do it. The only way I'm gonna quit is when it's on my terms, not because somebody is trying to put something in my way. Whether it's a bad business situation or whatever the deal is, I'm gonna push through that."On plans for a third album from DEMONS & WIZARDS, his project with BLIND GUARDIAN vocalist Hansi Kürsch:Jon: "We have finally committed to doing it. We've wanted to through the years, but it's always a time thing. We're, like, 'Yeah, we'll talk about it, we'll get together,' and then, before we know it, a year's gone, and then another year. It's been 12 years since this [2005's 'Touched By The Crimson King']. I've already sent Hansi two songs of material and he's worked out vocal melodies and cadences for it, so we're in the very early stages, but it is happening. We're not gonna have the art suffer to reach some deadline or whatever, 'cause there isn't one. We don't even have to do it — we just want to, and we wanna make it good; that's the most important thing. So putting time pressure is not the smartest idea. But it depends on the holes in his schedule and mine. I mean, I have my own studio now, so when I'm not on the road… The problem is always getting out of that live mindset, which is completely different for me than being in writing mode. It's gonna be a little bit more difficult this summer 'cause we're only home for a few weeks and then back and then home for a few weeks. And it usually takes several days to come down and try to get into that more meditative train of thought to channel the stuff. But it'll happen. We're doing it.""Incorruptible" will be released on June 16 via Century Media. The cover artwork for the disc (as well as additional illustrations to every song) was created by David Newman-Stump from Skeleton Crew Tattoo (pencil illustrations) and Roy Young (colors).

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET May 27, 2017 | 12:54 pm

    British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN used their performance in Cardiff on Wednesday night to pay tribute to the people who died in Monday's terrorist attack in Manchester.While introducing one of the songs from the band's latest album, "The Book Of Souls", MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson told the crowd: "There are various people running around the world at the moment with their fingers on various buttons and all this bullshit. It makes you wonder a little bit as to whether or not we are entirely safe in the hands of lunatics. But regardless of all that, we feel entirely safe in the hands of the eight thousand lunatics here tonight."The main fact of life at an IRON MAIDEN show is that we don't care where you're from, we don't care what religion you are, we don't care what color you are and we don't care what you had for breakfast. If you are here tonight, then, frankly, we all come in peace, all right?"So, with respect to the — I'm only gonna refer to it probably once — the awful shit that happened the other night in Manchester, the biggest response that we can make to the bullshit and the people who want to hate and who want to destroy is to give them back love and joy and rock and roll."Eariler in the week, IRON MAIDEN issued a statement expressing the band's shock at the Manchester terror attack, but promising fans that their remaining U.K. dates would go ahead.The legendary heavy metal band has two more shows left on its U.K. tour: at London's O2 Arena on Saturday and Sunday.The O2 has released a statement advising fans to turn up early. It reads: "Enhanced security is in place for all events. Please head down early and pack light as we only accept small bags into the area."Along with everyone else, we are shocked and saddened by the terrible tragedy in Manchester. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and their families."IRON MAIDEN's "The Book Of Souls" world tour will return to North America for an extensive series of arena and amphitheater shows in June and July. Support on the trek will come from GHOST.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET May 27, 2017 | 11:57 am

    BROKEN HOPE Releases 'The Carrion Eaters' Video "The Carrion Eaters", the new video from death metal veterans BROKEN HOPE, can be seen below. The clip, directed by Maciej Pieloch, executes sumptuous gluttony digested in savage death metal as it reveals the twisted feeding rituals of cadaver craving subhumans."I'm really proud of 'The Carrion Eaters'. It's super-sick and catchy and rotten to the gore!" says BROKEN HOPE guitarist Jeremy Wagner."The Carrion Eaters" is taken from BROKEN HOPE's new album, "Mutilated And Assimilated", which will be released on June 23 via Century Media Records. Produced by Scott Creekmore, available formats include a limited-edition CD+DVD digipak in North America and in a special edition CD+DVD digipak in Europe; as well as digital and streaming versions available on all the major outlets worldwide."Mutilated and Assimilated" track listing:01. The Meek Shall Inherit Shit (02:48)02. The Bunker (03:28)03. Mutilated And Assimilated (03:31)04. Outback Incest Clan (02:31)05. Malicious Meatholes (03:50)06. Blast Frozen (01:58)07. The Necropants (03:14)08. The Carrion Eaters (03:07)09. Russian Sleep Experiment (03:15)10. Hell's Handpuppets (02:48)11. Beneath Antarctic Ice (01:25)12. Swamped-In Gorehog (06:21)The "Mutilated and Assimilated" artwork was created by Wes Benscoter and can be seen below.BROKEN HOPE in 2015 overhauled its lineup by adding bassist Diego Soria (DISGORGE) and guitarist Matt Szlachta (DIRGE WITHIN, CHIMAIRA).BROKEN HOPE is:Damian Leski - VocalsJeremy Wagner - GuitarsMike Miczek - DrumsMatt Szlachta - Lead GuitarsDiego Soria – BassRegarding the follow-up to 2013's "Omen Of Disease", Wagner said: "BROKEN HOPE studio album number seven?! Un-fucking-believable! I'm floored at how amazing our new album turned out. The songs are relentless and violent and dark and heavy — and all from a fresh and ferocious place we haven't shared before. Moreover, thanks to my new studio and the stellar work of engineering/producing Jedi — Scott Creekmore — the production is on a sonic level like we've never had in our career."For me personally, I feel 'Mutilated And Assimilated' is my own finest hour as a guitarist and lyricist since I formed this band as teenager. I've never felt this inspired before. The album has my strongest riffage to date, it also has Leski riffage on a few songs, it has my best friends on it, and in a crazy twist, I used Jeff Hanneman's guitars to write the album with and used them to track with in honor of his influence on myself and the world of metal."


AOR Melodic Rock News

  • News Feed May 26, 2017 | 06:31 am

    MelodicRock 20th Anniversary - USB3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Limited Edition

 celebrates 20 years online with the release of a super limited edition commemorative USB Drive.
    The drive sold out immediately but for those that don't mind a digital download, I am making it available for ONE WEEK ONLY. Links will be sent out after purchase.
    MR "USB3" Content as Digital Download is priced at $85

  • News Feed May 26, 2017 | 04:51 am

    CREYE Find Home For Debut AOR Album


  • News Feed May 25, 2017 | 05:25 am

    DIRTY THRILLS Sign Multi-Album Deal with Frontiers

    Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of British hard rock quartet DIRTY THRILLS for a multi-album deal.
    Dirty Thrills have recently been hard at work in the studio recording their upcoming new album, “Heavy Living”. A highly anticipated first release for their new label home, Frontiers Music Srl, that is going to be full of explosive, pull-no-punches new songs. "Heavy Living" serves as the follow up to their well received EP releases and 2014 self-titled debut. The release will be accompanied by festival dates this summer and a full headline tour this fall.